Dating Services Reviews

As far as international dating sites are concerned, we would advise that you avoid and go with a larger, more reputable site. Although their website is well-designed and they offer their services at low prices, there are many other websites that will do a better job of helping you find the love of your life.

Signing Up
The sign-up process at isquick and simple, but the free membership does not include many features. After entering basic info like name, email address, and location, you will be signed up for a free membership. After a quick email confirmation, you will have access to the very few services the site offers for free.

The dating profile at is incredibly short and basic. It only includes basic preferences and details like education, birthday, type of relationship desired, and a couple of text boxes where you can manually enter information about yourself. One interesting feature allows members to vote on each others profiles in order to come up with a website profile of the week. This is a fun and unique feature, but a bit odd considering how simple the profiles are.

Features does not offer very many features in general, and almost nothing that is unique to them. A strong feature they do offer is a search engine. At, you can explore the live profiles with a search engine that helps you to narrow your search. With their search options, you can find singles according to age, location or relationship. If you have an idea of what their name sounds like, you can type it in and hope their "member name sounds like" feature works successfully. is an international dating service and, unlike many of the most popular services, offers you a chance to connect with singles around the world. If you are interested in meeting somebody from another country, you should explore this website. is full of basic features that are offered at almost any major dating site. Aside from an email inbox and search capabilities, you can create a hot list of members you don't want to forget about. You can also see who viewed your profile and how many people have looked at it overall. The pager features is similar to a "wink" and will quickly let someone know you are interested in them without requiring you to pay a fee to communicate.

Finally, the site features a forum that includes information and discussion on some of the most common topics in the online dating industry, and particularly the international dating industry. Topics like Fun Dating Ideas, Dating Tips for Men and Women, and Surviving Online Dating, you will be able to find helpful tips on this new adventure or maybe connect with someone right there in the forum. Either way, this section will give users something to do on this somewhat empty website.

The pricing structure at is the most unique feature about the entire service. Instead of charging you for a standard membership fee, this site charges by "ad-responses." Usually, international dating sites will charge on more of a "by letter" basis instead of on a membership basis.

They also offer different packages and payments. With a "Golden Member of the Month" membership, you will receive four weeks in the top section of their weekly newsletter, you will have your photographs rotated on all the web pages, and you will be able to send and receive emails from any member on the site for as long as you remain a basic member yourself. With this package you will also receive fifty ad-responses in order to communicate with the other members of the site. In other words, you will be able to send fifty responses to other members with the Golden member of the month membership. This package costs $49.99 for four weeks. is also offering some special offers for a limited time. To purchase 25 ad-responses, they will charge you $4.99. For 120 responses you will have to pay $19.99. Finally, if you make a five-month commitment, they will charge you $4.99 per month and will give you unlimited ad responses.

Conclusion is a confusing and limited international dating site. With a lower number of members than most other dating sites, you may have trouble discovering someone you are actually compatible with. Although their basic premise of international dating is unique, their process of matchmaking and their very simple features will lead many people to use other dating services.