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A Volga Girl is an American company dedicated to finding and connecting single Russian women with men around the world. They provide correspondence tools that allow men to view, meet and communicat with gorgeous, intelligent single women from Russia.

The website is host to over 2,000 Russian beauties. Although this does not compare to the massive profile databases of its competitors, has a dedication to customer satisfaction and thoroughly verifies that each of their female members is truly single and actively seeking a serious, long-term relationship.

Signing Up
A Volga Girl does not offer any type of free membership. However, anyone can visit their website and explore their profile database. When you are ready to communicate with one of the women, you can pay for a credit package that allows you to initiate contact with a certain amount of girls on the site.

A Volga Girl offers an array of different features, some of them quite unique, and does a good job of providing its users the tools they need to find compatible partners from Russia. The site looks a bit outdated and their tools are not technologically advanced, but has a comprehensive set of tools that can seriously help these men and women connect successfully.

The main feature at is correspondence. Through the website, men from around the world have the ability to communicate, get to know, and possibly meet with the Russian women who are also members of the service. For a price, they will provide you with the contact information of any of the women you are interested in as well as the means to send her your letter. Because a language gap will cause problems, they also provide translation services that are included in the price of sending a letter. Their electronic mail forwarding also allows the men and women of the site to correspond without divulging important personal information such as actual home addresses or email addresses. If you end up meeting someone you click with and want to continue exchanging letters, you will need to purchase more email credits from

A Volga Girl also provides interesting video options that allow for a more face-to-face connection between the men and women. Men who are paying members of the site can view any video that a female member has posted to her profile. The videos basically allow the girls an opportunity to introduce themselves personally. It gives the men a better idea of what their special lady looks like, sounds like, and moves like. Body language is a major part of communication, so having access to video features will definitely help in getting to know each other. also offers a "Day in the Life of your Lady" feature that is unique to their site. This service is a way for a man to get a clear, visual idea of what his special lady goes through on a daily basis. A crew equipped with cameras will follow her around at home, work, school, or anywhere else she goes on a daily basis. You can see hours of footage detailing each part of her day and view it any time.

The extensive Gift Shoppe at A Volga Girl will also allow you to impress your foreign lady without actually being there. When you view a woman's profile on, you will also see the gifts you have the option of sending her. Products like greeting cards, chocolates, flowers, books, and even dolls are available for purchase. The people at will then make sure your lady receives her gift intact and on time.

The Visa support package is another good feature at that is designed to help men once they have found their true love. Because immigration is quite complicated and time consuming, it doesn't make sense to enter the process haphazardly and without doing extensive research. Plus, you will be head-over-heals in love with a new woman and won't want to take forever getting her here. To make the process quicker and easier, A Volga Girl offers a comprehensive guide to Visas. For a $400 fee, you will be guided along the process, step-by-step, with each part translated and explained clearly. From the beginning of the process to the end, the service and support of will be available to you with the Visa Support Package.

Another interesting feature at is their free men's catalog that can be distributed to the Russian women. Through this catalog, men can choose to be contacted by the women instead of the other way around. While most international introduction sites don't offer an option to have the women contact the men, sees the potential in this and lets the men choose whether they wish to be contacted by the ladies.

The people at A Volga Girl essentially provide a money-back guarantee to its customers sending emails and letters to the foreign women. If you send a letter to a girl you are interested in and she does not reply for any reason, will refund your email credit and will add that credit to your account without question. This is a strong feature because it helps the men who are spending hard-earned money feel more comfortable doing so.

The price structure at A Volga Girl allows its users to customize their involvement in the site and pay only for the amount of use they will get out of it. By individually pricing the addresses and the email credits, they allow the men to only pay for initially contacting the women and any communication they have with them after that.

To purchase access to the contact information of ten women on, they will charge you $70. For fifteen addresses, they will charge $90. A package of 20 addresses will cost you $100. Each address comes with one email credit to initiate contact. If you do not receive a reply to your initial email, you will receive a free email credit to make up for it.

The prices for the mail forwarding system are also individual and will increase in discount with the more credits you purchase. The purpose of purchasing email credits is to continue communication with women whose contact info you have already acquired. This type of credit system can be dangerous, especially if you meet someone you really like and begin exchanging messages every day. If you are someone who plans on spending a lot of time writing back and forth, look for a different site that does not charge you per each email message or letter you send. A package of 15 email credits will cost $44.25. A package of 25 credits costs $70 and a package of forty costs $106. A group of 60 emails costs $150 and their largest group containing 80 email credits costs $188.

All of the products available for purchase at their extensive gift shop are also individually priced and can be bought and sent at any time. They make this feature quite simple by adding a gift shop to the bottom of each woman's profile. The only charge beyond the cost of the gifts, no matter how many gifts you buy and send at one time, is a courier charge of $9.95.

A Volga Girl is represented on's Gold List of international introduction agencies that are successful, trustworthy, and void of scams and fraudulent behavior. Beyond this, the profiles at seem genuine as well as their dedication to the safety and happiness of their customers.

Although their database of profiles is much smaller than other dating sites, it goes to show their dedication to quality over quantity. provides the essential tools for successful international dating; if you are interested in meeting an intelligent, beautiful Russian woman, this site could be the one for you.