Dating Services Reviews is designed for serious online daters who are seeking an advanced system of compatibility matching and a respectable group of members. As one of the only sites that requires a criminal background check and a marriage check to communicate with other members, the people who join can rest easy knowing they are in good - at least not criminal or married - company.

With extensive features offered at most dating sites, as well as its own unique approach to the online dating experience, sets itself apart from the other dating sites but doesn't necessarily rise above them. At a relatively decent price, is a great place for serious daters looking for long-lasting relationships.

Signing Up
There is not much to do at unless you are a paid member, but you can still enjoy some of the features with a quick and free basic membership. After entering basic information about yourself such as email address and zip code, you will be taken to your basic profile section.

The profile at is quite comprehensive and includes some unique features. When you are first filling out your basic profile information, you may also fill out the same form for the person you are looking for. In other words, you can answer a question about the education level you have reached, but at the same time designate the educational level you are searching for in someone else. The two forms run down the page side-by-side and can be both completed at once.

The profile also includes a series of True compatibility matching tests that inquire about your personality in order to compare it to the test answers of other users. This form of compatibility matching also allows you to customize your search in order to be matched with people with certain characteristics over others. You can tell exactly why you are compatible with someone else and clearly see in which sections you match up better than others.

The features available to free, basic members are not very extensive. Outside of browsing the member profile search results and sending free "winks" (quick signs of interest), free members will be directed to a sign-up page if they try to use any other features on the site without paying.

Members who wish to communicate with other members must go through a criminal background check. This is one of the only websites that actually screens its members thoroughly and attempts to keep its database of profiles full of respectable, serious candidates. Many people are drawn to this site because of the level of seriousness it implies, but their logic is sound. A major problem at other popular dating sites is that, because of their huge amounts of members and lackluster screening processes, many of the members are either involved in scams or not even active. The database at, although not as large as other databases, provides quality over quantity.

The compatibility matching at includes a very comprehensive series of search options and a quick way of narrowing down your possible results. The customizable criteria allows you to decide how the existing profiles can be organized and presented to you. If you are feeling lucky, you can choose to be matched to one other user with the one-click search feature. No matter what way you choose to go about it, you will be able to navigate the available singles on your own without a problem.

The site also includes a comprehensive section called the "Coaching Center." Here, users of the site can read about anything from creating a successful online profile to frequently asked questions about love. Instead of letting its users attempt to figure out the online dating world themselves, offers this section of informational material to make sure they do all they can to help their members find true love.

The communication tools at are quite strong. Besides basic chatting and emailing features, you can also utilize your web cam in order to enjoy video chat with someone new. This feature is great because you can get to know a new person much more thoroughly by seeing them and observing their mannerisms.

The options for pricing at are difficult to locate and the only way they allow you to sign up for a paid membership is to sign up for their free three-day trial. Once your three days have expired, you will be automatically billed for the service unless you manually cancel it yourself. The only way to view the prices and payment options outside of the frequently asked questions section is on the left side of the paid membership sign up page, in a very tiny and hard-to-read font. This is probably because they charge a bit more than other sites for a very similar service.

With a membership at, you will have full access to all the features of the site including chat, email, video chat, compatibility match, and much more. For a one-month membership at, they charge $49.99. For a three-month commitment they will charge you $79.99. Finally, for a six-month membership, you will be charged $129.99.

Other Reviews
This site has received many complaints about fake or dead profiles, little or no members in their area, and also for sending spam emails. Although many user reviews are negative, other reviews shine a positive light on when focusing on their user verification process.

The review at gives a perfect 5 out of 5 score. At it received a 4.5 out of 5, but at it received a 2.5 out of 5. gave the site a 2 out of 5.

This site is excellent for serious online daters and people who are worried about their online security. If you want to avoid being connected with sex offenders and married people, you will have the best luck at Even the name of the website implies that the members are honest, truly presenting themselves in a realistic way. With a criminal background check done on each member, you safety will be secure at

With strong features including video chat, compatibility matching, and a comprehensive coaching section, is the solution for many online daters who are nervous about the risks of online dating in general. Although they don't offer the database size of other competing sites, focuses on the quality of their members instead of the quantity.