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Singles Net

Some of the most popular dating websites for single men and women are popular because they offer some of the prime features for free. At, users who sign up for a free basic membership not only have the ability to email premium members, but can download their instant messaging client absolutely free.

The website boasts a large member database and will probably have singles in your area. Although you can enjoy many of their best features for free, the premium membership cost at Singles Net is actually quite low. is one of the most affordable dating sites on the web and could definitely connect you with the love of your life.

Signing Up
It is simple and fast to sign up for Singles Net, but that is eventually part of the site's downfall. You will first be asked for a zip code and shown a page of beautiful singles in your area. You will next be greeted with a pop-up message asking you for more information like you email address, birthday, and location. Once you finish this basic information, you will be directed to your simplistic profile creation page.

The profile at Singles Net is one of the most basic and incomprehensive profiles we have found at any dating site. The page will ask you for some basic information on your preferences. They will request your basic physical attributes, interests, and education level. Once you have finished this, you are done. They will never ask about the type of person you are looking for; if you want someone different than yourself, you should probably visit another dating service.

The problem with this profile arises when you note that does not allow for custom searches; the only way to acquire results is to search according to the criteria you have included about yourself in your profile. So, if you would like to change your search criteria to receive different variety of results, edit your profile and change some of your own attributes. The only other way to search through the profiles is by individual name.

The features at Singles Net are quite limited, but are offered at a great price. The best feature at Singles Net is the Instant Messaging system. The downloadable chat client allows you to chat with members of the site without giving away your screen name from AOL, Yahoo, or MSN. This client is completely free. Basic members can utilize the chat service to communicate freely with other members of Singles Net. While most dating sites won't allow communication from non-paying members, Singles Net separates itself by offering that service for free. There is also free access to chat rooms in which you can meet and talk with new friends, or maybe meet that someone special. They are categorized by location, so you will be able to immediately start chatting with singles in your area.

Another fantastic feature offered by is the premium member communication options. Basically, a free member has the ability to email any premium member for free. If a basic member is browsing through their matches, some of the profiles will be clearly highlighted yellow and marked as premium profiles. If that basic member is interested in that highlighted member, they can email them for free. This option is very unique, as dating sites will usually charge you for any communication.

The site offers free "one-to-one" matching, even for basic members. After joining the site, your email account on the website will begin receiving one-to-one matches. These matches will be picked by comparing your personal profile to other members' profiles and looking for similar interests and attributes.

Singles Net also hosts forums to allow the members of the website to connect even further. With topic categories like Love & Life, Adult, Religion, and General Discussion, the forums are filled with lively discussion each day.

The pricing structure for a premium membership at Singles Net is one of the site's most appealing aspects. The fact that you can enjoy most of their features without paying a dime is also quite impressive. With a premium membership, you will be listed at the top of other members' search results, enjoy featured chat, contact any member, and allow basic members to email you for free. Your profile will be highlighted and all users of the site will clearly know who is a premium member. You will also receive phone support and a 30-day guarantee.

For a one-month membership at, you will be charged $24.95. For a three-month membership, Singles Net will charge $19.95 per month. Finally, for a twelve-month membership, they will only charge you $7.49 per month.

Other Reviews
The Singles Net reviews are mixed, some focusing on their free features and others taking note of their limited options and capabilities.

At, is listed as number seven and received a 5 out of 5 score. At, the editor gave Singles Net a 3.5 out of 5 while the users gave it a 4.5 out of 5. At, both the editor and the users gave the site a 2 out of 5. At, Singles Net received a 2.5 out of 5.

Singles Net is a fine place for singles to meet for free, or for a very low price. Allowing free members to explore the features and get a true feel for the site is a fantastic idea. Also, allowing members to chat and email certain members for free will keep users online and increase the site's popularity.

Their membership fees are lower than their competitors,' but they also offer much less with that membership. Without an advanced search feature, or any true search feature in general, it is difficult to browse through a variety of the profiles even as a paid member. The site does not allow you to narrow your search according to the characteristics you are looking for, but the large amount of members will give you plenty of options from your area. is great for people who don't want to spend a lot of money but want to explore the opportunities of online dating. For extended features and comprehensive matching, visit a different dating site.