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Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is a unique dating service that offers quality tools for dating without the hefty membership pricetag. The online dating industry has exploded over the last five to ten years, but most of the most popular services still charge some kind of membership fee., however, does not charge to use its services.

With instant messaging, full profiles with pictures, and a searchable profile database, Plenty of Fish provides quality tools for online dating without the annoying fees. Most sites will give you a free basic membership, but will not allow you to communicate in any way. At, you will be able to communicate with any member for free. You can even utilize their matchmaking service. If you are looking for an affordable dating service, or just want to try one out without committing to any payments, try out the free basic membership at Plenty of Fish.

Signing Up is very easy to sign up with. After giving them some basic information such as your name, location and email address, you will be transferred to their profile page where you can enter information about yourself. Once you have completed your basic profile page, you will next be directed to take their "Plenty of Fish Relationship Chemistry Predictor." Again, Plenty of Fish offers all of its services for free.

The strongest feature at Plenty of Fish is its pricing structure - free. Even if the website didn't offer quality services, they are still offering them for nothing. Take advantage of the tools they are providing you for free; millions of people are paying for these features and probably don't even know there are free dating sites out there. The fact that the site is free to join might do more damage than good, however. When there are very few criteria you must meet to join, it allows for people to create fake profiles and partake in fraudulent behavior or scams. This is a danger that comes with all online dating sites, but especially ones with low criteria for membership and no membership fees.

One great service they provide for free at is the instant messaging. Instead of sending emails and waiting for days and days for a response, use their instant messaging system to talk directly to someone in real time. Many dating services charge their membership fees for features just like this, so take advantage of this free tool. You never know when you will be chatting with the love of your life.

Another strong features at is the forums section. Instead of only offering instant messaging and matchmaking, they chose to provide an online community forum where the users of the website can connect with each other over common and conversational topics. Not only are there forums about dating and other types of romantic subjects, but there are also forums focusing on subjects like entertainment, sports and art.

A unique feature to Plenty of Fish is their "Date Night." The website will choose a day and ask users if they want to go on a date that day. If you do, say yes. If you say you would like to go on a date that day, you will be matched up with someone compatible with you and who is also interested in going on a date that day. This is a smart way of expediting the dating process and pushes users to move beyond the technological level of communication.

You can upgrade to a "serious membership" if you are enjoying your time at With a serious membership, your profile and picture will appear at the top of the search results of other users. To acquire a serious membership you must first take a quiz that proves you can successfully and appropriately "form and maintain relationships." We were not able to find the price for a serious membership.

The features at Plenty of Fish are offered for free.

Other Reviews
The reviews for Plenty of Fish are few and far between, but they are fairly positive overall. gave it a 4.5 out of 5. At, the site received a 2.05 out of 5 according to its user reviews. At, Plenty of Fish received a 3.5 out of 5 score.

When it comes to online dating, there are certain tools you should be sure you have access to. A good dating site will provide clear and personalized profiles, instant messaging for communication and other basic features. When a site can give you the features of a pay site but for no charge, there is no reason to pass it up.

Some people who are looking for seriously scientific and personalized compatibility matching may want to look elsewhere. However, if you are looking to have some fun with online dating and casually get to know some new friends, Plenty of Fish may be just what you are looking for. Since they offer their quality services for free and give you everything you need for online dating, is worth a try.