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Perfect Match

While most dating sites focus on one matchmaking style or another, the process at PerfectMatch offers its users multiple ways to find a quality match. PerfectMatch provides its users with specific matches catered to them, but it also allows its users to search and browse through their existing profile database. Some of the major flaws at other sites revolve around a lack of freedom within the process, but the PerfectMatch system gives its users a significant amount of choice.

At PerfectMatch, the "Duet Total Compatibility System," created by Dr. Pepper Schwartz, will help you find the love of your life. Dr. Schwartz is a Professor of Sociology at Washington University with a Ph.D. in Sociology from Yale and is the chief advisor at PerfectMatch. With a focus on specific character traits, the Duet System connects the PerfectMatch members to each other according to compatible parts of their personalities.

Signing Up
To sign up at PerfectMatch is quite simple. Anyone can sign up for a free basic membership; on the home page, enter your basic information such as email address, zip code, and a username. Once you have set up your free account, you will have access to the basic tools on the site, including the Duel Total Compatibility System.

The initial profile process includes four sections: Essentials, Values and Ideals, Life and Lovestyle, and Duet Analysis. Each of the first three sections involves the information you would enter on any dating site like religious preferences, life goals, romantic interests and physical attributes. You will also be able to explain your "Deal Breakers," characteristics that you require of your match. Once the first three sections have been filled out, it's time to take your "Duet Analysis."

PerfectMatch utilizes the impressive "DTCS" matching system backed by thirty years of research by Dr. Pepper Schwartz, but it's the combination of all the available tools that make this site one of the better online dating sites.

The Duet Total Compatibility System essentially breaks down your compatibility within two realms: similarity and complimentary factors. Similarity refers to such factors as romantic impulsivity, outlook, predictability, and personal energy, and how those compare between you and the other users. Next the system takes into consideration the complimentary factors present between you and your possible matches. The complimentary involves factors such as flexibility, emotionality, decision-making, and self-nurturing. Once these character traits have been compared to the millions of other profiles on PerfectMatch, you will receive your "PerfectMatches."

Guaranteed Perfect Matches basically connect you with other PerfectMatch users that are the most compatible. Unlike which provides five matches each day, PerfectMatch has no time limit or minimum amount of matches. With the Perfect Match Guarantee, if the system does not provide you with a certain amount of matches in a certain amount of time, you will receive a free renewal of your membership.

Possibly the most important tool on the PerfectMatch site is the search engine. The ability to search available profiles and browse the other online daters is not a standard at all dating service sites. On PerfectMatch, even basic members can browse the active profiles on their website. Members can sift through the profiles according to basic options like age, location and sex, or more involved options like temperament, power, and nature. You will also have the ability to view their "Duet" profile in order to compare it to your own. The search tool allows you to navigate through the profile database at your own pace while also receiving matches from the Duet Total Compatibility System.

Generally, dating sites will either offer a large database to choose from or do the choosing for you. and, for example, do not allow their users to search through their database or even browse casually through profiles. While these sites suggest that this search limitation is in the best interest of the members, many would disagree. On the contrary, allowing online daters to browse available profiles while also receiving compatibility matches seems to raise their chances of finding love. In an industry where specific processes and tools can determine the success or failure of a company, offering both a browse/search tool for profiles and a scientifically researched compatibility matching system puts PerfectMatch a step ahead of its competition.

PerfectMatch also provides quick and easy tools to even further expedite your matchmaking process, or to simply make it more enjoyable. When you find someone that interests you at PerfectMatch, you can choose one of two forms of communication. The first form of communication is called an Icebreaker, a pre-written multiple-choice question you can send to the other member to find out more about them. PerfectMatch also provides an anonymous email system. Although you will be able to contact the other member through email, the PerfectMatch secured email system allows you to do so without giving away any of your personal information. This way, if you decide you are not compatible with that person, you can stop communication without worry of your personal information being spread. If you find out interesting facts or details about your match and don't want to forget, utilize the Bookmark feature to keep a note saved for next time you are chatting.

The pricing at PerfectMatch is higher in comparison to many other dating web sites, but it also offers more services and tools than most. Although their profile database is a bit smaller than its competitors,' they seem to focus on customer satisfaction more than anyone else in the industry.

For one month of service at PerfectMatch, they will charge you $59.95. If you would like a two-month membership, they will charge you $39.95 per month. For a three-month membership, you will have to pay $36.95 per month. Finally, for a six-month membership, PerfectMatch charges $28.95 per month. The prices are comparable to eHarmony and, but the all-encompassing services at PerfectMatch offer its users much more maneuverability and control within the online dating world.

You can also give Gift Memberships at PerfectMatch, a feature that most dating sites don't offer. For a six -month gift membership, they will charge about $174. For a three-month gift membership, they will charge about $111.

Other Reviews
While a couple of sites negatively review PerfectMatch, most of its ratings are quite good. At eDateReview, a user review site usually offering a low average of scores, gave PerfectMatch a 1 out of 5. Similarly, the 19 users who wrote reviews on gave it an average score of 2.5 out of 5.

On the contrary, and both gave PerfectMatch a 5 out of 5.'s user reviews of PerfectMatch averaged out at 3 out of 5.'s professional reviewers gave the site a 4.5 out of 5 while its user reviews averaged a respectable 3.5 out of 5. At, PerfectMatch received a 4 out of 5 from its professional review and a 5 out of 5 average from its user reviews.

Out of the available dating sites online today, it seems that PerfectMatch provides the most comprehensive services at the best price. Although other sites boast about their massive profile databases of 10 million plus, that shouldn't be the only deciding factor when choosing a dating site. If you are simply seeking a ton of variety, those sites might be for you. If you are looking to meet someone through a specific process, you should pay close attention to the services each site provides.

PerfectMatch, on top of its well-researched and implemented Duet Total Compatibility System, provides many other useful tools. The search and browse option allows users to find members with specific traits or specifications and it offers members the freedom to communicate with whomever they wish while the Duet System also helps them find a compatible match. Although it does cost slightly more than its competitors, the features at PerfectMatch are well worth the extra cash.