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Orient Brides

The website is an international dating service that allows men to correspond with primarily Asian women in hopes of finding true love. Unfortunately this site has been connected to Anastasia Web, one of the most notorious international introduction services known for its scams and fraudulent behavior. For more information on Anastasia Web, read our review here:

According to Agency Scams (, the leading website for information on both the best and the worst companies in the international dating industry, the website was created by Anastasia Web. It seems like common practice for companies like Anastasia to continually create new websites and company names in order to avoid complaints and stay in business. The choice is yours, so make sure you do some thorough research before you commit to a bad dating service such as provides common foreign dating services that allow men to meet women from Asia, correspond with them, and meet up in person. The website offers basic correspondence, phone translations, flowers/gifts, and romance tours. The most interesting feature at is the "Date a Lady" program, a service that is also curiously featured at, another branch of AnastasiaWeb. If you compare the websites, their fonts are identical and the explanations of services such as "Date a Lady" are exactly the same. For our review of, follow this link: If is not trying to avoid any relation to AnastasiaWeb, why do they never reference Anastasia on their site? The two websites were obviously created by the same company, but seemingly have no connection. Compare and and see it with your own eyes. Very suspicious.

Again, it is always your choice to join any international dating service you like, but please be cautious. The international introduction industry and the people involved are inherently left open to fraudulent behavior due to the nature of online dating and correspondence; we are forced to rely on the goodness of people. This is why you must do extensive research on the companies you are considering. is a fantastic place to start looking around; their Gold list includes some of the most comprehensive, legitimate, customer-service based international introduction agencies on the planet. Their Black list, on the other hand, will show you the many, many services that you should avoid, including Anastasia Web and its partner sites. We highly suggest you avoid