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A simple way to discover the legitimacy of a company is to search for their complaints on a popular search engine. Unfortunately, when you search for complaints about, the negative user testimonials are seemingly endless.

Different complaints arise depending on each specific situation, but they generally revolve around the way's profile database is misrepresented. Many people complain about finding very few attractive singles in their area, only far across the country or in a completely different country. There are also common complaints about women messaging men before they join, then never messaging them again once they do join. It seems to be a way of baiting the men to spend their money on a membership and then ignoring them. There are also complaints about giving the personal information of its users to third-party companies who would then contact those users. Many people advise against giving any personal information to

Although it boasts a large profile database, many of those profiles will not be valid. The site does offer free membership to women, so lesbian users can utilize all of its features for free. They offer a three-day trial membership for less than $2, a solid offer for those of you who want to test it out. You will have access to all of the main features and will be able to begin meeting singles right away.

Signing Up
Beginning at is quite simple and similar to other dating sites. After filling out basic information including email address, zip code and a password, you will be taken directly to your home page where you can adjust your features, fill out your online profile, or upgrade your services.

Features offers its users basic features that are offered at most dating sites. Their massive profile database of over fifteen million users will offer online daters a large variety when browsing. There are average search options to allow you to narrow your search on specific characteristics and you will be able to clearly browse your search results. You can view the profiles without a paid membership, but you won't be able to communicate with them.

The website also features a chat and messaging feature. Once you have joined the site with a paid membership, you will be able to instantly chat with any other user who is online and accepts your chat request. You can also email people that you find interesting without giving away your personal contact information or finding out theirs.

The free membership for female members both helps and hurts Although it does increase the number of profiles on the site and allows for more variety, it also leaves room for scammers to take advantage. There is almost no screening process for this site, so anyone claiming to be a female can gain access to a membership and take advantage of other honest users. Unfortunately, this occurrence seems quite common at

Maybe the only unique tool on the website, offers you the option to post a voice greeting on your online profile. You can record a short message, upload it to the site, and allow other users who are interested in you to hear your voice. Knowing how somebody speaks and sounds is an important aspect of physical attraction.

The price structure at is quite unclear and seems to be hidden behind their 3-day, $1.95 trial offer. The only way to sign up for a paid membership is to first sign up for the 3-day trial; that is the only option they offer. A one-month membership to will cost you around $50 and will allow you to access and utilize all of their features, including email and instant messaging.

Other Reviews
The user testimonials truly shed light on this seemingly fraudulent service. Although it has received decent reviews from some sources, the overall verdict on is quite bad. The site received a 4 out of 5 at, the only positive review for we discovered. At, Mate1 received a 1.5 out of 5. At, the site received a 2.5 out of 5. At, received a 6.4 out of 10.

According to user testimonials, reviews, and our own experience, we would not advise that anyone use to find a long-lasting relationship. Although it can be fun to browse the profiles and maybe connect here and there, serious online daters should avoid this website unless they want to be disappointed. Finding a legitimate, compatible match on will be very difficult.

Aside from the numerous user testimonials explaining's fraudulent behavior, the site doesn't offer much in the first place. Many sites offer these features, plus more advanced features, for a much lower price. Some of them are even free, so don't waste your money at