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Match USA is a dating site that does not offer anything particularly unique and has some basic problems that could be easily avoided by joining a different dating site. Although it has email correspondence and a profile database, it does not provide much beyond that. Most dating websites will provide its users with extra features that allow for even more ways to meet new people, but MatchUSA's limited services only lets its users connect through email and profile searching.

MatchUSA will still charge you about the same amount as any other date site, yet they offer much, much less than their competitors. With no instant messaging, audio or video chat, or discussion forums, Match USA seems to limit your online dating options rather than expand them.

Signing Up
To join MatchUSA is very quick and simple, but it requires that you enter your full name and full address. When you consider the very few advantages of having a free membership at, you may decide it isn't worth giving out your personal contact information for. They do offer a free basic membership, but you with it you cannot take advantage of the only real feature they provide, email correspondence.

The lack of features at is the main reason why it has received such a bad review. In the current online dating industry, it's important for a service to offer special features that aren't offered elsewhere; his should be on top of the basic tools a dating service should provide such as communication tools, search tools and forums. MatchUSA, however, does not even offer the most basic of dating tools.

The main feature available at is the email communication tool. Only paying members have the ability to contact and communicate with other users. While you can pay for a membership and start communicating with other members, you don't have access to other communication tools like instant messaging or video chat that you could have at another dating site. The email communication at MatchUSA seems to be its only real service, yet some dating sites offer that service for free.

The search tool allows you to explore the available singles on the site. The tool lets you search according to their location, looks, and lifestyle so you can find someone who matches your personality and still lives close enough to meet. Some websites don't even have a search or browse option, but it is definitely a nice feature to have. This search and browse tool is also available to non-members to explore what the site has to offer.

MatchUSA also tries to host gatherings of MatchUSA users. With sections for "Single Events" as well as "Singles Cruises," the website attempts to bring people out of the technological world to interact with each other in person. When we explored the sections of the website, however, they did not seem to be hosting any upcoming events. The pages were empty except for a section where outside groups and companies have the option to post their own events. The only available event on their website was a tour being hosted by the leading international introduction and romance tour service, A Foreign Affair ( If you are interested in a singles cruise, visit the MatchUSA website and click "Single Cruise" to be redirected to their cruise website which looks professional and well presented. It doesn't seem like it's necessary to be a member of MatchUSA to enjoy one of their singles cruises.

A membership at MatchUSA will allow you to email other members and that is all. Nothing else comes with a paid membership. A six-month membership at will cost you $79.95 and a one-year membership will cost $129.95.

MatchUSA presents a poorly made website that offers very little to its users. Without the massive profile database seen at sites like, a site as simple as will not find success.

If MatchUSA offered more features within its poorly made site, it might validate them asking for money to use their service. However, they do not, and with other websites offering similar, better-made tools for free, there is no reason anyone should choose to sign up with MatchUSA. Whether you are new to online dating or are just looking for your next online dating community, look past and explore something more comprehensive.