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It's Just Lunch

It's Just Lunch, a dating service for busy single professionals, should be avoided at all costs. Much like the practices at Great Expectations dating service, It's Just Lunch requires you to come in for a one-on-one introductory interview to use the service in order to make you feel more specifically cared for; in reality you will be charged over $1500 for maybe a handful of disappointing dates.

Because they are such a specifically catered (and expensive!) dating service, the number of members is quite low. Therefore, when someone invests the money to be set up on a date, It's Just Lunch does not have any compatible matches in their area. The result is a short series of disappointing dates in which the participants realize the only things they have in common are age, ethnicity, and being ripped off by It's Just Lunch.

Signing Up
One difficult aspect of It's Just Lunch, and a confusing one at that, is the way it signs up its members. The service is supposed to be focused on making things as convenient for busy professionals as possible, right? So why would they force these busy professionals to come in person to an introductory meeting? It is common sense to think you are being cared for more carefully when someone is meeting you in person, but this is just a false sense of security. By doing this, It's Just Lunch has the ability to hide its prices, as well as its actual member statistics.

When you visit, you will be greeted with a sign-up form asking for your name, address, phone number and email address. Once you submit the form, the employees at It's Just Lunch will eventually call you and set up an introductory interview to get to know your personality. You can also initiate the meeting yourself by calling instead of filling out the online form.

One major and consistent complaint about It's Just Lunch is the unclear nature of their pricing. Nowhere on their website does it list any prices, or services for that matter, and they also refuse to explain prices over the phone. If a company does not give a clear and easy-to-find list of their prices and available services, that is a red flag that should lead you to do some more research. If you look at the search results for "It's Just Lunch" on a major search engine, you will find many complaint boards and negative user reviews.

Because this dating service is completely based on personal meeting and inter-office services, the profile options will pertain to the information you provide during your interview.

The main features of It's Just Lunch lead you to exactly that: just lunch. When you are matched with someone through the service, they will simply call you and let you know the time and location of the date. If that does not work for you, they can also organize an after-work drink for you and your match. Again, it seems that instead of increasing their flexibility, It's Just Lunch actually makes it more difficult for busy singles to meet. While it's nice to think of someone else doing all the work for you, there are consequences that come along with it as well.

This is an international dating site, but does not allow daters from different locations to connect with each other. Almost every state in the U.S. has an It's Just Lunch office, as well as locations in Asia, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe. This feature allows the service to encompass many more people, but the members are still few and far between.

The in-person introduction and interview is a unique feature that should be utilized more commonly but with many, many more members involved. By meeting you in person and getting to know different parts about you, a matchmaking agent can use a human perspective to come up with a compatible match. This is in stark contrast to the processes of popular competing sites that focus on scientific and systematic compatibility matching.

Although the attention to detail and personal focus can seem appealing, the in-person meetings not only lead to misrepresentations, but they take time! If you are a busy single who is working a lot, why not do your dating from the comfort of your own home?

According to user testimonials, the service at It's Just Lunch costs between $1500 and $1700. When you consider that most users enjoy less than three dates, the average cost per date is at least a few hundred dollars. The matches are usually pretty random on top of that, so it's obvious that It's Just Lunch is not worth the money it charges for membership.

We do not recommend It's Just Lunch dating service. Like Great Expectations, they will utilize sales tactics to gain your membership, then do very little to help you find true love. If anything, you will be set up on a few dates with the only other members in your area. Unfortunately, the sense of care you feel at the in-person interview is false. Even if you are a busy single professional, save your money and explore other dating sites.