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International Dating for Men

One of the major pitfalls for users of international dating services tends to be ignorance. Instead of intelligently approaching the life-changing venture with a full understanding of it, many men jump in quickly and eventually regret it. One of the most appealing aspects of International Dating for Men (IDFM) is the educational tools it provides to its users.

The people at IDFM are dedicated to educating men interested in relationships with foreign women and providing them with the tools to meet someone compatible. They offer a large, searchable database of beautiful women to meet, quick and easy communication tools, multiple tutorials as well as introduction tours. While the stigma of the "Mail-order Bride" industry still remains, companies like IDFM are striving to overcome these stereotypes and provide quality service to help its customers find true, long-lasting relationships.

Signing Up
As at most international dating sites, registration is free. Although you don't need to register to browse their available profiles, you will gain access to extra features and tools when you sign up.

Initially, IDFM will ask you for your full name, an email address, and a password for future log-ins. That's all it takes to become a registered member. Once you have signed up for a free membership, you will be able to edit your profile, save messages, save past searches and retrieve sent messages. This is a strong series of features to access for free. The features available beyond these will require you to pay for a membership.

International Dating for Men provides a large amount of educational materials for the users of the site to understand more clearly the full scope of international dating. With five different available "classes" to download to your computer, you will have the knowledge and ability to easily and safely find the love of your life internationally. The classes they offer are instantly downloadable and include interactive materials so you're well prepared. They offer five classes. "The Secret World of Women" outlines the basics of international dating in general. "Here to Her" will focus on how to "edate" and find a woman internationally. The "Man in Motion" course will give you the ability to scam-proof yourself in order to gain confidence and stay safe. A class called "I've Found Her" explores what you should know and do once you have gotten together with a foreign beauty. Finally, "The Dream Life" is designed to help your new foreign partner stay healthy, both mentally and physically, during this major transition. Each class is sold separately.

The profile database of beautiful foreign women at International Dating for Men is outstanding and offers an abundance of over 30,000 gorgeous foreign women. At IDFM, the staff is dedicated to providing you with high-quality photographs of beautiful new girls every week. They give you clear information on their interests and preferences and allow you to browse their database without joining. If you join for free, take advantage of the free tools they offer.

The company also hosts a weekly radio show that explores the intricate details of the international dating world. You will hear real-life experiences from people who have already been through the process, giving you a better idea of what to expect. You can listen to their radio program for free, and you can also download free mp3s on international dating without joining the site. They also publish a weekly newsletter.

International Dating for Men also provides a tour service that hosts over 70 international tours each year. Within the tours, men will be introduced to as many women as they can handle. Introduction socials will bring invited members of the service to the catered event and you will have the opportunity to meet tons of beautiful local women. At affordable prices, some including airfare, the tour service they offer is quite good.

Beyond these services, IDFM also sells items to help you in your quest to find love internationally. Tools such as language translators, books, videos, and even clothing can be purchased through the IDFM website.

The pricing structure at IDFM is fairly simple and allows you to customize the amount of money you spend to join and communicate with the foreign ladies. For a Platinum membership, you will be charged a $95 activation fee and $29.99 each month you continue to use the service. With this membership, you will have the ability to communicate with up to one-hundred women each month. This includes a discount on the individual prices of the letters you open and send, which will end up costing only $7.49 each. You will also receive a discount on the phone translation services, knocking the price down to $3.99 per minute. They also offer gold and silver memberships at cheaper prices, but those also allow you to contact less women.

International Dating for Men offers solid overall service and excellent educational material. IDFM provides a lot of free material before you even join, as well as access to their large database of over 30,000 gorgeous women from different countries around the world.

If you are someone seriously interested in exploring all of the fantastic opportunities available from international dating, you should spend some time on Without signing up for anything, you can see what they have to offer you and can take advantage of free advice on how to successfully foster a long-lasting relationship with a foreign woman. With comprehensive introduction tours and extensive resources, International Dating for Men is a one-stop-shop for international dating.