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Helene International

Many people who decide to explore the possibilities of international dating are turned off by discovering testimonials of people who have been scammed doing so and would never advise anyone to date internationally. At Helene International, however, they have made it their goal to provide safe and secure dating services for American men and Russian women.

Located just outside of St. Petersburg, Russia, Helene International only allows membership to those Russian women who are serious about finding a life-long love in the west and are not members at other dating sites. Because of the strict rules the women must follow at, the women who do join are all legitimate, single, real, and looking for love.

Signing Up
In order to access the main features at Helene International, you must become a paying member. Unlike almost every other dating or international introduction service around, Helene International does not offer any kind of free membership. You can, however, browse their profiles of available women without signing up for anything.

The intense profile creation process for the women is one of the strongest features at By making sure each woman has the opportunity to explain themselves fully and without restriction, American men are better able to decipher who would actually be a compatible fit for them. The women are given the space to explain who they really are, who they are looking for, and all of the information in between. This feature is unique in an industry where most of the competitors simply provide a profile form or basic questionnaire.

If you have explored other international introduction services and their websites, Helene International will look a bit different. While most of the dating sites these days cover their websites with glossy, over-produced photographs of model-caliber women, Helene International is dedicated to portraying its members as they really are. Many of the women at Helene International look like they could be models, but there are also many women there who have a more natural look. Instead of filling their site up with fake photographs of models who aren't interested in online dating, Helene International carefully chooses its female members and displays their pictures honestly. Through this method, Helene International can guarantee that all of their women are authentic and seriously looking for marriage with a man from the west.

While the site does not feature many services, its dedication to customer service makes up for it to some extent. Helene International requires that each of their female members contact the service at least once every three months. This way, the profiles on the database will all be current. Many dating sites leave up profiles of people who are no longer involved in the service just to make it look like they have more members than they really do.

A unique feature at Helene International is their money-back guarantee. If you use their website and are unhappy with your service, they will literally refund your money. This is an unusual offer for a dating site to make, but one that will ease your mind when choosing to pay for a membership.

Helene International will not only provide you with the contact information to start corresponding with the beautiful girls, but will also provide translation services to bridge any language gap. Although they do not outline how much their translation services cost, they do provide them for both letters as well as in-person meetings.

The most important and unique feature at Helene International is safety. Because of their in-depth interview and profile process, all of the women at the agency are available, in contact, and are truly looking to start a life-long relationship with a western man. International dating involves inherent risks, so choosing to experience the process through Helene international will help you rest easy knowing your money and personal information are safe. Before jumping into the experience, research your options and make sure you are choosing the service that is right for you and your lifestyle.

Unfortunately the price options at Helene International are quite limited. To become a member and gain access to the contact information of any foreign woman on the site, you will need to become a Gold member. A gold membership is only offered for a one-year commitment at $35.95. This is much lower than many other dating sites, but you will still need to pay for translation services separately.

The services offered at are strong but limited. If you are interested in meeting a foreign woman for marriage, particularly a Russian woman, you should definitely look into using Helene International. Although they do not offer the comprehensive set of tools available from international dating sites such as A Foreign Affair (, they will go above and beyond to make sure each and every profile on their site is representing an active, intelligent, and beautiful foreign woman looking for marriage with a western man.

While many sites pride themselves on having the largest profile database or the most beautiful women, Helene International chooses to promote quality over quantity. Instead of focusing on the best way to make a dollar, does its best to create long-lasting, quality relationships between American men and Russian women. For a safe and secure form of international dating, visit