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Great Expectations

The dating service known as Great Expectations has been around for about thirty years, but they are also one of the most complained-about dating services in the industry today.

Their approach is much different than most of the current dating services since they began in 1976 as a video dating service; instead of an online system that allows users to sign up, create a profile, and begin searching, Great Expectations asks its potential customers to physically meet at their office. This face-to-face meeting is intended to make the consumer feel like their interests are being cared for and dealt with personally by someone who they can speak with in person. However, when the potential customer enters the meeting, they are bombarded with a high-pressure sales pitch that pushes the person to spend more than they should without knowledge of the full situation. This story is common and consistent.

These stories are numerous and scattered all over the internet. To read specific stories of how Great Expectations dating service has misrepresented its services and cost innocent people thousands of dollars, visit the following site:

Signing Up
To get started with Great Expectations takes more time than any other dating service. When you arrive at their homepage, you are greeted by a very simple page with little content. A basic explanation of how Great Expectations can help you find love is very broad and doesn't explain major features of the service. A "Quick Start" bar hugs the right side of the page asking only for your zip code and your sex.

After entering this info, you are transferred to another simple page with another sidebar to fill out. This time, they will request your personal information such as address, email address, full name, income, and an official phone number. On the left side of the page, the text states that "without cost to you, Great Expectations will review the answers to your Confidential Profile and tell you more about your options for meeting other quality singles through them." In other words, they will take the information you gave them, contact you, and set up a face-to-face meeting.

According to user testimonials, the face-to-face meeting is really just a high-pressure sales pitch meant to coerce the potential customer into joining. Multiple testimonials point out that, at these introductory meetings, Great Expectations showed them a catalogue of available members on the site. While the pictures and member profiles seemed appealing and exciting at the time, members would soon find out that the people they were shown were not actually available to date through the service. This way, the customer has already purchased a membership when they find out they will not be choosing from the catalogue they were shown at the meeting. The company is also suggested to misrepresent the number of available singles in specific areas. One woman wrote that she was told 125 men were registered in her area with three to five new profiles being added each day. After joining and exploring her options, she realized there were only 22 singles in her area and around one new profile was posted each month. Other users also mentioned the "New in the last 60 days" section to be full of members who were signed up much further back than that.

Other user testimonials suggested that Great Expectations will adjust their pricing structure for membership relative to the potential member's credit card account and card limit. In other words, they will charge someone more money for membership if they notice that person can spend it. According to user testimonials, some people joined the service at $1200 while others paid well over $5000.

The main feature of Great Expectations is its approach to dating service in general. By requesting in-person meetings, they attempt to provide the customer with a dating service tailored to them and their particular situation. This process appeals to many online daters because it implies a level of seriousness in the other members of the site. Services such as eHarmony and attempt to appeal to the same demographic and present a more in-depth dating approach. Neither of them requires a face-to-face meeting for membership and cost significantly less.

Once you become a member at Great Expectations, you will have the ability to search the site's profile database and explore your possible matches. Once you find someone you are interested in, the company will provide you with their contact information. The company also invites its members to socials and other events in an attempt to spark meetings and new relationships.

The pricing structure at Great Expectations is not posted on their website and is apparently presented to potential members during the introductory face-to-face meetings. Again, user testimonials have suggested the membership cost lands anywhere from $1200 to $5000+, depending on the services chosen. It is important to note that almost every legitimate dating site posts their prices clearly and in an easy-to-find location.

According to past users of the service, Great Expectations is full of problems. As mentioned above, the company has been accused of misrepresenting their product and manipulating users in order to make a larger profit. Users have also complained about a low profile database, probably due to the high cost of membership. Also, the fact that they completely keep their pricing structure hidden is a red flag.

Other Reviews
Generally, the reviews of Great Expectations are negative. The official ranking at is 3 out of 5, but it's user reviews average out to 2 out of 5. The rankings at eDateReview gave the site a 1 out of 5 while the reviews at averaged out to 2 out of 5. You can also visit the Better Business Bureau, search for "Great Expectations Dating Service," and explore the many bad grades they have received.

We do not suggest using Great Expectations dating service. For those of you seeking a more serious approach to online dating, explore sites like and To look into the possibilities of international dating, check out A Foreign Affair ( Whatever you do, don't use Great Expectations.

You should always avoid sites that make an attempt to hide their pricing structure. Their homepage does not even explain the services and features they offer, another red flag. Before you make a decision on any dating site, dedicate some time to researching. Explore the available features and offers at the many dating sites available and make an educated decision depending on your criteria and personal style. Again, we suggest avoiding Great Expectations.