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One of the strongest online dating services is located at Its database of member profiles, however, leaves something to be desired. Although competition in the online dating industry has escalated greatly in the last ten years, Friend Finder is still at the top of the list when it comes to features. With an affordable price structure, strong features for those with free membership, and unique tools and options, will continue to maintain its status as one of the strongest dating services around.

Signing Up
To become a free basic member, signing up is simple. When you arrive at the sign-up page, you will be asked a couple of questions regarding the type of person you are as well as the type of person you are looking for. It will also ask you to choose which type of relationship you are interested in among these options: friendship, dating, serious relationship, and marriage.

When you first arrive at your profile page on, you will be impressed with all the features and options available. The site gives you so many different ways to express who you are and the type of person you want to meet. Aside from posting pictures and discussing your characteristics and preferences, you can also add touches of personality with the Bling feature or create albums to organize your photographs. The profile options here at will allow you to honestly display yourself to the other users of the site. You can even include an audio or video introduction that will further show your personality to others.

Friend Finder has a ton of features that will continue attract new members for years to come, but their profile database is relatively small. With just under two million members, just can't compete with the massive profile databases at competitor's sites like or This limits your results when searching for someone special, especially when you consider finding someone within you area. Many people have problems finding attractive, interesting singles who are physically close enough to meet up and enjoy a date with. You should search their profile database with your location and take a look at the available singles in your area before you decide to pay for a paid membership. Besides, at, basic members who pay nothing have more freedom than they do at most dating sites.

The free features offered at give people an actual opportunity to try the site before paying to join it. Although basic members are not able to view full profile pages or send/receive messages, they are able to participate in online chatting, instant messaging, and profile editing/posting. As a basic member at, you will have the ability to chat with singles in your area without paying a dime. There is also a feature that paying members can choose which allows basic members to send them emails at no cost. Usually, basic members cannot send any emails, but at Friend Finder, paying members can pay extra to receive emails from basic users. This feature is unique to the Friend Finder dating community and increases the amount of available singles for both paying and basic members.

The service also attempts to maintain a strong sense of community within the site by providing blogs and groups. The blogs allow members of the Friend Finder website to rant about frustrating issues, discuss interesting topics, and connect with other users of the site. The group feature allows users to connect with each other depending on a certain specific characteristic, such as location. These forms of community interaction not only give members of the site something extra to enjoy, but it also provides them with a way to further connect with the community within the service.

The search options at will quickly help you narrow your options and find someone who you are compatible with. You can utilize the search feature to find certain characteristics, whether they are physical or mental, among the users of Some sites will not allow you to browse the available profiles, but this can often be a distinction between "serious" and "casual" dating sites. Friend Finder would definitely be categorized under the ladder.

The communication tools at help set it apart from its competitors. Not only can you publicly post comments on their forums and create your own blog, but you can also chat with other members within the Friend Finder chatting system. Even if you are a basic member, you can utilize their online chat system. Without even downloading a thing, you can enjoy the chat feature and get talking with other singles in your area right away. This chat system is also a great way to get to know people in your area, as they categorize the online chatters according to their physical location their area.

The pricing structure at is broken into two separate membership types, Gold and Silver. Both of them are pretty affordable and are competitively priced in relation to's competitors.

The Silver membership offers you full access to communication with any other users, you can view full profile pages and videos, you will show up on search results just below the gold members, you will have basic access to the blogs and groups, and you have the ability to browse and contact new members of the site. The Silver membership costs $13.31 per month with a three-month commitment. To try the Silver membership for just one month, you will be charged $22.94.

The Gold membership includes everything included in the Silver membership, with a few added bonuses. Gold members will show up first on search results, they will be able to contact new members before anybody else, and they will be able to fully access the blog and group features. The Gold membership costs $14.98 per month with a three-month commitment. For only a one-month commitment to a Gold membership, FriendFinder will charge you $34.94. also offers some unique services at additional costs. One extra feature allows non-paying, basic members to contact you through email without joining. This will open up a window to thousands of active members who are on the site but haven't paid to join. This service costs $35.90 for three months or $19.90 for one month. They also offer a feature that highlights your profile for other people when it comes up in search results and emails. This service costs $24.90 for three months and $9.90 for one month.

Other Reviews
The reviews of FriendFinder are generally quite positive. At, the site received a 5 out of 5. At Village Matchmaker, received a 4 out of 5. It also received a 4 out of 5 from gave Friend Finder a 4.5 out of 5 and gave it a 3.5 out of 5. received a 3.5 out of 5 from

Friend Finder would be one of the strongest dating sites around today if it only had more members. When competing sites boast profile databases of over fifteen and twenty million members,'s measly two million won't cut it. A major problem occurs when members cannot find enough other members who live in their own area.

The website and features at Friend Finder are very clear, powerful, and easy to use. You can utilize their search options, community forums, and chat system to communicate with other singles online. If you are seeking a serious, relationship-driven dating site that will match you through scientifically researched compatibility, you should look somewhere else. For those of you new to online dating or simply looking for a more casual relationship or friendship, Friend Finder may be the best option for you.