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When I visited the FindingSingles home page, I was greeted with a very simple form asking me for the sex of the type of person I was looking for and my zip code. When I clicked submit, I was taken to a page with my search results. It looked like a lot of attractive, available singles were in the area I searched around (Tempe, Az). This is where it got confusing.

A pop-up appeared in front of my search results asking me for more basic information such as my name, birthday, email, and username. When I clicked submit, I was redirected to a new website: I did not receive a confirmation email from FindingSingles, or any other email.

When I attempted to login to with the information I entered for, it worked immediately and I was taken to my account home page at

Conclusion will sign you up and lead you to Please see our review of at or click back on your web browser for more information.