Dating Services Reviews is a foreign dating service that allows men to create a profile, view women's profiles, send letters, and use other services to correspond with women from other countries.

Sign up at is free, but you must pay to use their services in order to communicate with anyone. When you sign up for free, you will have access to your own personal home page at the website, a profile, and will be able to search through the profiles freely. You are not required to release your personal contact information to anyone, even when you communicate with someone through the site.

If you wish to pay to correspond with a woman you are interested in, they offer video clips, live chat, phone translations, and a gift service. You can also send a "kiss" for free to women you are interested in.

Although it seems like a decent, professional site at first glance, includes multiple red flags that you should look for when joining an international dating site. A common red flag with foreign dating sites such as this is the lack of contact information. Instead of clearly posting their address, phone number, and email, they only give you the option to fill out a form to receive further information.

Also, they warn of fraudulent behavior, common in this industry, right on their own website. The home page reads " is produced for entertainment purposes only and users (you) should not rely upon representations of individuals on this web site as genuine or truthful." If it website states that it is produced for entertainment purposes, they are probably not very focused on connecting you with the love of your life. This website even warns its new members that they will probably be receiving many more letters than expected. Unfortunately, that is often the case when a company is sending bait letters, only trying to get money out of the men.

Conclusion has high-quality photographs in their profiles, free access to search their profile database, and also provides multiple services to help men meet and get to know women from other countries. Unfortunately, they also leave up major red flags including a lack of contact information and warnings of fraudulent behavior. Use at your own risk. - Click Here