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Elena's Models

The online international dating industry presents an abundance of different companies offering different options and features, but only a select handful of them offer legitimate services that will help American men truly foster long-lasting relationships with foreign women. One quality site within this select handful is Elena's Models.

Since 1999, Elena's Models has been connecting beautiful foreign women with American men through their online service. Although many international dating services have been accused of scamming its members, Elena's Models has avoided this issue for the most part. Few complaints have been issued about the company using fraudulent practices, and a company involved with so many people is bound to see some discrepancies from time to time.

Elena's Models offers a basic variety of services that are common practice in the international dating industry, but it does include a few unique features.

Signing Up
It's quite simple to sign up for Elena's Models and takes less than fifteen or twenty minutes to completely fill out your profile. Although you can search and browse the available women on the site before you join, you will be limited to see only one photograph in each profile until you join.

The profile at Elena's Models is fairly plain and includes basic information such as name, location, physical attributes, education, language, religion, interests, and contact information. You can also include a home page for other users to visit.

Elena's Models, unlike most other international dating agencies, does not coordinate introduction tours or meetings. This website is simply a dating site where single men from America can meet single women from different places around the world and start conversations with them.

A unique feature of Elena's Models is the pricing structure. Most international dating sites force either one pricing style or another on its users, either asking them to pay a per-letter price or a membership fee. Elena's Models, however, offers both options. If you want to try out the service, you can simply pay to contact one woman. When you choose this option, you can send unlimited email messages back and forth with that one woman, with free translations. You can also pay to communicate with ten different women, also with unlimited email communication. Aside from individual payments, they also offer a membership program. The silver membership is free, including your basic profile and browsing options. The gold and platinum memberships, which cost money, include the sites extended features. The gold membership provides you with unlimited contact and communication with up to fifty of the available women on the site. It also gives you access to unlimited "Expressions of Interest," a simple way of showing women you are curious about them without designating them as one of your fifty interests. Finally, the gold membership will allow you to view extra large photographs from the profiles. With a platinum membership, you will receive the same features offered with the gold membership along with extra tools to help you find the love of your life. The platinum membership will make your profile show up first when women search the available single men, it will include your profile on Elena's Models' exclusively Russian site, and it will provide you with direct email addresses for the women and a free weekly catalog of active female members.

One of the strongest features at Elena's Models is the ability to search amongst the profiles and browse them at your own pace. Even visitors just considering the website can browse the available women with profiles posted. This is a fantastic way of checking out what the site has to offer and whether or not you think you will be able to find what you are looking for.

At Elena's Models, they post between 50 and 200 new women on their website each week. This will not only keep the database of available women diverse, but will also maintain a current, active group of profiles.

The translation options are also clear and simple to use. Although they do not offer phone translations like other similar sites do, you can compose a short message or a lengthy letter to be translated by Elena's Models.

A fantastic sign that Elena's Models runs a legitimate service is the ease with which you can find their pricing structure. Instead of trying to hide the prices, Elena's Models' website clearly explains the unique payment options it offers. Compared to other dating sites, their payment options offer a significant amount of choice.

For $15, you can contact one of the women on Elena's Models. This will include unlimited email messages for as long as you like. If you pay $49, you will be able to communicate with ten women on the site. This also includes unlimited email messages to all of the women you have found interest in.

You can also enjoy either a silver, gold, or platinum membership. Acquiring a silver membership is free and simply involves signing up and posting a basic profile. To gain a gold membership, they will charge you different prices for different amounts of time. For a three-month gold membership, Elena's Models will charge $33 per month. For a six-month gold membership they charge $24.99 per month. For the twelve-month gold membership they charge $16.50 per month.

For the Platinum membership, Elena's Models charges $83 per month if you commit for six months. If you only commit for three months, you will be charged $86 per month.

Other Reviews
Elena's Models is one of the most well-respected companies in the international dating industry. According to, the site is rated at 4 out of 5. Elena's Models also received a 4 out of 5 from Dating Overview. According to, the site deserved a 3 out of 5. International Love Scout gave Elena's Models an A+ overall.

Elena's Models provides a pretty strong service for a decent price and does so legitimately. Elena's Models is one of the few international dating companies attempting to stop dating scams through ethical business practices, along with companies like A Foreign Affair (, and work hard to make sure men and women looking for love do not find themselves in a bad spot.

With the ability to choose your payment options, browse profiles without becoming a member, and have unlimited communication with fifty different beautiful women at once, Elena's Models offers a very competitive service in the industry.

Before choosing any service, be sure to explore your resources and find out exactly which one fits your style and financial situation best. For those of you looking to test the waters of international dating, Elena's Models is a good place to start.