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Dr. Stephen T. Hess, the owner of Hess Spinal and Medical Center located at, is also the owner of the mail-order-bride service Colombian Angels, located at With an office in Medellin, Colombia, the service provides dating and introduction tours for American men to meet Colombian women. Dr. Hess, although commonly known as a chiropractor, is also the president of a mail-order-bride company.

Dr. Hess, after experiencing a romance tour to Medellin provided by A Foreign Affair (, the world's #1 international introduction and tour service, decided to start his own service. After acquiring space literally next door to A Foreign Affair's Medellin office, Dr. Hess recruited the employees from the AFA Medellin office as well, offering them more money to entice them. Colombian Angels now mimics the romance tours provided by A Foreign Affair and Dr. Stephen T. Hess is attempting to gain profit from quickly copying that AFA service. currently provides international dating services for American men to travel to Colombia to meet the local women associated with the service. On the tours, the American men and Colombian women meet at catered socials. also has a profile database allowing users to browse through the available women. Dr. Hess discovered this process at A Foreign Affair (, enjoyed an AFA introduction tour, and saw it as a shortcut to more profit. By acquiring A Foreign Affair's staff from right next door and offering services for a lower price, Dr. Stephen Hess is also trying to acquire the strong customer base at A Foreign Affair. Because AFA offers high-quality tours and has high marks for customer service, Dr. Hess knows he has a strong base of customers to try and convert over to his own mail-order-bride service.

Although Colombian Angels may look like a quality service, it is actually just a copycat of what the leading international dating service, A Foreign Affair, can offer you. It doesn't make sense to go with a company run by a person who would steal another company's idea, move directly next door to them, and offer a similar service for less money. Be sure to do your research before committing yourself to any online dating service.