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For men primarily interested in meeting women from Russia, is a fit. Although it does not offer the level of service that its competition offers, it provides men the resources to foster relationships with Russian women.

Based in Kharkov, Ukraine, provides introduction and touring services for American men who want to meet beautiful Russian women. Aside from tours, offers features like professional photography and videos, live chat, English lessons for the Russian women, and even a gift service.

Although its website is difficult to navigate at times and its pricing structure is confusing and unclear at first, offers a legitimate service to men who are looking to find the love of life in beautiful Russia.

Signing Up
The policies for joining and the difference between "paid" and "free" membership are somewhat blurry at According to their website, it is free to browse the available profiles. For free you can explore the options they have to offer you within their profile database, but to move forward and utilize any other features, you will be required to pay.

The available services at are standard in the industry. First, they provide a database of beautiful young women from Russia for you to peruse. You will have the ability to perform an advanced search for free, narrowing your results and finding the specific women you find interesting. Once you have found someone worth contacting, you will need to get your credit card out. Each of the services at is individually priced. also provides correspondence services through which you can communicate with a Russian woman of your choice, even if you speak different languages. Their service will quickly and efficiently deliver the messages back and forth while keeping your contact information private. They will translate the letters for you both coming and going so you will have no problem there. can also provide you and your love interest with professional photography and video. If you would like to see your new friend's smile in a photograph or in a video, you can pay to professionally create that for you. Pay and they will professionally photograph a Russian woman you've been communicating with, as long as it has been discussed and approved with her, and send the photos to you. For under thirty dollars, you can pay to have your new Russian friend taped in a high-quality, 60 second video and sent to you. This way, you will have more than just a photograph to look at while you are corresponding. Also, if she is interested in seeing you, pay a fee and you can upload up to two minutes of video of yourself for her to watch and enjoy. This is the only truly unique service we have noticed at

You can utilize the "Long-term individual matchmaker service" for a more specific experience. First you will fill out two forms: one about yourself and one about the person you are looking for. Once you have sent in these forms, you can sit back and wait. The forms and information, as well as your photographs, will be printed in the Kharkov office. The girls visit the office on a daily basis and will be shown your printed information and photographs. You will be notified of who is interested and you can move forward with communication from there. This process can save you money and time in the long run, but won't provide you with as many choices as simply browsing the available profiles will.

The tours provided by are all-inclusive except for airfare. They are reasonably priced and visit unique locations like Brazil and Jamaica. One great feature is the ability to create your own personal tour to a country of your choice. They provide you a form to fill out including destination, date, and services required. You can pay to have translation services, transportation, and even to rent cell phones. For a seven day tour to Kharkov with five introductions (individually billed) and 6 hours of translation services each day, they will charge you 809 euros. To find the price of your own unique trip, simply visit their website and choose personal tours.

Everything offers is priced individually so you can pick and choose what services you will use for the cheapest price possible. However, they will also charge you a membership fee. The level of membership you choose will determine the cost of each letter you open or send. Again, does NOT post their prices in United States currency.

A trial membership at costs 15 euros, a basic membership costs 30 euros, an advanced membership costs 50 euros, a silver membership costs 80 euros, and a gold membership costs 150 euros. Sending a letter with a trial membership will cost 3.5 euros while sending a letter with a gold membership will cost 3 euros. Again, you will have to pay for each service individually.

The key to a successful international dating company is knowing your main customer base and catering to them. Unfortunately, tends to cater to the wrong end of the business. is based in Russia and it is obvious. First of all, the prices they display are mainly shown in Euros, even though most of the men paying for the site are from the United States. The women who join the site do so for free, so why would they continue to post prices in Euros? Only some of their prices also showed U.S. currency.

The website and the features it attempts to advertise are confusing. They do not present a clear layout of the membership options, what is included, and what you must continue paying for. Once you look through the details, you will realize that paying for a membership doesn't actually get you anything. You still need to pay a certain amount each time you send or open a letter, no matter what membership level you choose.