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Be Happy Today

Be Happy Today is an international romance site introducing men around the world to beautiful women from Russia. The site provides a comprehensive set of tools available to help you find love abroad. Although you are limited to women from Russia, you will be able to meet many different ladies and possibly find someone special. This site, unfortunately, has had many complaints and is on's Black list of international dating sites to avoid.

Other international dating and romance tour services may be able to offer you a better chance of finding love, but Be Happy Today will open the doors to the possibility. With phone translations, email correspondence, and customizable introduction tours, Be Happy Today looks like a solid service for meeting Russian women.

The approach taken by is different from most of its competitors. Most international introduction and tour services suggest not to travel to the foreign country to meet a specific woman, but to keep an open mind and try to meet as many as possible. Be Happy Today, however, advises its users to meet specific women online and attempt to set up dates with them for their visit. While some people think this is risky and can lead to an incredibly disappointing trip when there is no chemistry, others believe it is a more surefire way of truly connecting with someone abroad. Your approach, and the corresponding dating service you choose, is completely up to you and should be considered heavily. Before making a choice about which service to use, be sure to explore your options and gather as much information on international dating as you can.

Signing Up
Be Happy Today offers a free membership to their site through which you can explore the women's profiles. Although you will need to pay in order to communicate, you can take advantage of their free basic membership and explore what the website has to offer you. Instead of just haphazardly signing up at any old site, take the time and explore the ones that offer free trial memberships.

By simply entering your first name and an email address, you will be registered and given a username and password for the site. With that log-in info, you will have access to your profile as well as to all of the women's profiles and their pictures.

There are multiple features at that will help you to correspond and connect with different Russian women. Although they to not offer the variety of profiles that other sites can offer, they do provide a comprehensive set of features that can guide you in finding your true love.

One of the top features at Be Happy Today is the tour service they provide. With different options to choose from, they give men an opportunity to enjoy all-inclusive vacations on which they can meet as many Russian women as they have time for. Whether you choose a full romance tour or a custom tour, you will be able to visit Russia and meet beautiful, smart hometown girls who are dying to meet foreign men. The tours include airport transfers, translation services, hotel accommodations and full customer support.

Another strong feature available for the members of Be Happy Today is the email and communication service. After browsing through their profile database and finding someone you like, you can quickly send them a message with very little hassle. By providing a clear and simple way to correspond with these beautiful women, can help you find the love of your life by helping you first getting to know the available women. They also provide translation services for both email and phone correspondence in order to help bridge the language gap.

Be Happy Today offers interesting features such gift giving. If you would like to show your foreign lady how much she means to you with a gift, Be Happy Today will take care of the hassles. All you have to do is pick a gift and tell them who to send it to. They offer gifts such as teddy bears, champagne, jewelry, and even Christmas items. Be Happy Today also offers English lessons for the Russian women to take advantage of. Once you have met the woman of your dreams, she can begin learning English and allow for more fluid and clear communication.

Another interesting feature at is their friend referral program. If you are responsible for one of your friends joining the site, you will receive the same amount of credits they purchase upon joining. In other words, if you convince your friend to join and he purchases 100 credits for $299, you will receive 100 credits for free.

Finally, allowing profile access to non-members is a strong feature as well. Instead of forcing men to join before they can see the types of women available, allows you to browse them for free. You can't see every photograph until you become a member, but you can still access their profile database and view the available women.

The pricing structure at is very open and allows you to choose exactly how much you want to use the site. Because it is based on an email credit system, you will paying for individual credits instead of paying for a membership. This is often a red flag within the international dating industry, however, and sites with email credit systems should generally be avoided. Each time you open a message from a lady or send a message to a lady, it will cost one credit. Although they aren't clear about it up front, Be Happy Today also charges credits to view women's introductory videos.

The larger packages of credits will cost more initially, but will add up to cost less per individual credit. Two credits will cost $11.99, four credits will cost $20.99, and eight credits will cost $37.99. For thirty-two credits, they will charge you $127. For fifty credits they charge $176 and for one hundred credits they charge $299.

Other Reviews
Many user testimonials are floating around the internet describing the fraudulent practices of BeHappy2day, suggesting that they send fake introduction letters from the "women" to the men. Some users claimed receiving over forty letters in one day, obviously raising a red flag. These testimonials, however, are from 2006 and prior. Whether these testimonials are true or not, it is important to do your own independent research of any service you plan to use.

BeHappy2day has received fairly decent reviews online. gave the site a 6.5 out of 10. International Love Scout gave an "A." and both gave the site a 3 out of 5.

With so many dating sites on the rise, particularly international dating sites, it is hard to find services that offer you comprehensive tools with a trustworthy environment. The women at are verified and even contacted every couple of months to make sure they are still available and wanting to meet single men. There are inherent risks that come with international dating, however, and it has been suggested that the women at are simply trying to make money for the company.

With the necessary tools such as email correspondence, translation services and hosted tours, Be Happy Today can offer you the essential tools to find love in Russia. Although other sites offer a wider variety of women and tools such as video chat, might be a perfect fit for you if you are looking for a Russian bride. However, it's important to be aware of scam reports and user testimonials in order to fully understand what you are getting into. Visit and view their Black List of agencies to avoid as well as their Gold List of agencies to utilize. Be sure to take the time to research different sites, explore your available options, and pick the best service available for your personal situation and preferences.