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Upon first glance, looks like a legitimate site offering a legitimate process of meeting Latin women. However, if you know about their parent company, Anastasia International, you might come up with a different opinion.

Over the years, Anastasia International has been consistently accused of being involved in online dating scams. They continually create new web sites, most of which (if not all) receive many complaints from their customers. The company has been taken to court multiple times and has settled outside of court more than once.

An international dating scam can occur in many ways, but it often involves a foreign woman supposedly sending letters to an American man. In reality, the women will write an "introduction" letter with a seemingly exact man in mind, but then that letter will be sent to multiple members of the site that matche that specific criteria.

Before you invest money and time into an international dating site such as, do some research. The internet is full of information and user testimonials about international dating sites that are involved with scams, such as Anastasia International. By reading through the reviews and testimonials, you will get a better idea of how these scamming companies hurt people around the world, both financially and emotionally. Reading true stories and experiences from people who have dealt with these scamming companies is the most eye-opening and influential way to understand how dating scams truly harm individuals. Visit for in-depth information on legitimate dating companies, scamming dating companies, and even a list of specific women (with pictures) who are involved in dating scams. Visiting sites such as this will educate you in making an informed and safe decision about your dating experience.

Signing Up
Registering with AmoLatina is free, but its services are not. When you click to sign up, you will need to provide information such as your full name, birthday, location, and email address. You are then transferred to your AmoLatina home page where you will have the opportunity to fill out your profile. The relatively short profile asks for basic personal information, criteria for your search, and whether you would want to travel to Latin America. Whether you complete the profile or not, you can immediately begin browsing the profiles.

AmoLatina primarily connects American men with Latin women. They offer services that will aid the users in making quality connections over long distances until a meeting is possible. For example, AmoLatina provides phone introductions and live chat. This way, men and women can get to know each other before investing time and money into traveling to meet. Your free membership includes an inbox where you can receive messages from other users. The site also offers translations if necessary. If you feel like sending a gift to someone you have gotten to know on the site, you can do so through AmoLatina without giving away personal contact information. Priced anywhere from $15 to $300, you can send them gifts or gift packages including items like champagne, teddy bears, or flowers.

Another main service at AmoLatina is their tour service. They offer tours throughout the year to Latin American countries where you can meet beautiful women in a casual atmosphere. The tours do not include airfare, but they are almost otherwise all-inclusive. With the purchase of a tour from AmoLatina, you will receive complete hotel accommodations, three socials where you can meet available women in the area, daily breakfast, intra-tour airport and hotel transfers, professional interpreters, three city tours, and unlimited introductions to the women who have profiles on AmoLatina. There is an American representative on every tour available twenty-four hours a day. It seems that AmoLatina is attempting to compete with its legitimate competitors who offer very similar tours.

Another prime feature of the AmoLatina site is called "Date a Lady." The employees at AmoLatina will set up your date down to the last detail so all you have to do is show up and enjoy it. After a minimum of five messages have been sent back and forth, two people are eligible to utilize the "Date a Lady" service. The service sets up a date at the foreign woman's home agency office for a minimum of an hour and a half, along with a translator, to see if there is chemistry. If you enjoy your date, you have the option to extend the meeting and move it to another location. The translator will continue to aid your conversations and accompany you on your date for $15 an hour.

The pricing options at AmoLatina are somewhat hidden, a common red flag. Although the site defines a couple of the services' pricing, they avoid clearly explaining how much it costs to send letters. This is odd because sending letters is essentially the basis of the company. Once you have joined the site, you can choose the "Purchase Credits" option from the sidebar.

Joining the site is free, but to participate in the site communication you must purchase "credits." Each time you send or open a letter, you will need to pay ten credits. For twenty credits, AmoLatina charges $15.99 (eighty cents per credit). They offer better deals as you increase the amount of credits; if you decide to purchase forty credits, you will be paying seventy-five cents per credit at $30. If you would like to purchase a larger group of credits, you can choose 160 credits at sixty cents per credit, five hundred at fifty cents per credit, or a thousand at forty cents per credit.

AmoLatina also posts their prices for the tours they host throughout the year. Currently, their tour page shows the available upcoming six-day tour options. A trip to Medellin, Columbia, excluding airfare, is priced at $1695. The other tour coming up, a trip to Lima, Peru, is also priced at $1695. Again, these prices to not include the necessary cost of airfare.

Other Reviews
It was difficult to find many sites that have even reviewed AmoLatina. and both gave the site a 3 out of 5. At International Love Scout the site received a B+ and at it received a 2 out of 4. The review from came from eight user reviews.

Although some review sites have give decent grades, it is odd that some of the most popular review sites have completely ignored it. While the features and website look strong, the fact that Anastasia International is behind it leads one to believe there will be problems surrounding it. Considering the many scam reports about Anastasia International, not to mention the ones already written about AmoLatina, you may want to consider another international dating site. Again, visit and take a look at their gold list; each site there should offer you a quality, legitimate international dating service.