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A Pretty Woman

A Pretty Woman is one of the oldest international introduction services in the industry and provides profile galleries, contact information and phone translations in order to help single American men meet single Russian women.

Although they do not have the large amount of available women that many other sites offer, hand-picks the female members to make sure they are all single, looking for a serious relationship, and are completely verified. To date, A Pretty Woman has 12,817 available Russian singles waiting to meet American men. While you won't find video chat or gift giving options, you can join knowing that you will be connected with verified, beautiful, intelligent Russian women.

Signing Up
There is no free basic membership or sign up offered at, but you can browse their available profiles at no cost. Signing up at A Pretty Woman requires you to enter a payment option and provide your full contact information.

Because this service has been online longer than most dating services, their website looks pretty outdated. They also do not offer videos or gift services. However, they make up for these negative details by providing a dynamic and varied profile database. Each week new girls are added to the site and many are turned away. The serious verification process at A Pretty Woman helps to ensure your safety from possible scammers.

The basic focus of A Pretty Woman is the correspondence between American men and Russian women. They basically charge their men for contact information in order to communicate with the ladies of their choice. You can either pay per address (an "address" will include an email address, email and fax number if applicable) or for a full membership. When you find a lady you are interested in communicating with, you can simply pay to acquire her basic contact info and begin your correspondence. They help men contact the women through email, post, fax, or phone. They also provide phone translation services, but it costs almost $6 per minute. While the pool of available women is strong at A Pretty Woman, other dating services will offer you many more options.

The Personal Listing option at A Pretty Woman is a unique service that will increase your chances of connecting with someone truly compatible with you. For a price, will ask you to send them some information about yourself, who you are looking for, and some photographs. They will compile this personalized profile and mail it out to 1,000 women once a month. You can choose to send out 4,000 profile letters over four months or 12,000 letters over twelve months. If a woman who receives your profile is interested in meeting you, she will contact the local office and arrangements will be made. This is close to a personalized matchmaking service and is not offered at most dating sites. also offers other services and products through their website that can help you find success in international dating. For example, for $60 you can purchase a fiancÚ Visa kit that will teach you everything you need to know about bringing the new love of your life back to this country. You can also purchase writing tips from the website in order to increase your chances of making a good impression on the girl of your dreams.

There are many pricing options at A Pretty Woman and they make it clear and easy to find on their website. While some sites will either force you into a membership or a pay-per-letter address, A Pretty Woman offers both options.

To pay through a pay-per-address process, you will have to figure out how many addresses you believe you will write. Obviously you can purchase more at a later date, but your discount increases as you purchase more and more. If you want to purchase 1-4 addresses, it will cost you $15 each. If you decide to purchase 5-9 addresses, it will cost you $12 each. To purchase ten or more addresses will cost $10 per address.

A Pretty Woman also offers full membership options to its users. The memberships come in different levels and provide different combinations of addresses, membership lengths, personal listings and prices. A Standard membership lasts 90 days, costs $145, and gives you access to 50 addresses. A Super membership also lasts 90 days, costs $195, includes 100 addresses, and also includes 20 letters. A Deluxe membership lasts 90 days, costs $295 and includes 200 addresses, 40 letters, and a basic Personal Listing. Finally the VIP membership lasts 365 days, costs $495, and includes 500 addresses, unlimited letters, and a premium Personal Listing.

If you would like to utilize the Personal Listing service only, you can do so. For a four-month plan and 4,000 letters sent, it will cost $150. For a twelve-month plan and 12,000 letters sent, it will cost $350. Initially, this seems like the most probable way of meeting a fitting partner available at

Other Reviews
This site does not have many scam reports and has overall positive reviews from users and reviewers alike. gave the site an "A-" while gave the site a 4 out of 5. gave the site 3.5 out of 5.

Although the database of beautiful, available singles is very strong, you will probably have a better chance of finding a perfect match at a site providing more options and services. If you are dedicated to finding a Russian bride, however, this is a great service to use and can safely connect you with beautiful Russian women.

The website is outdated and their services are lacking, but A Pretty Woman shows a dedication to the safety and happiness of its customers. Although the database is smaller than many of its competitors', each individual girl is carefully verified, definitely single, and actively looking for an American man. For someone who is interested in Russian women only, A Pretty Woman is a good place to start.