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A Foreign Affair

The lack of beautiful, intelligent, down-to-earth women in your area is driving you insane. You have been lonely and searching for the love of your life for as long as you can remember, yet you can't seem to meet the one that makes you heart jump with excitement. Instead of continuing to fish in the same tiny pond, take an active step in moving your love life forward. By contacting A Foreign Affair (, the leading international introduction and tour service on the planet, you will be expanding your search for love and will increase your chances of finding that special someone.

While many dating sites and agencies are available, an international dating service such as A Foreign Affair(AFA) will allow you to search for love amongst the most beautiful women in the world. Similar sites like can offer you very comparable services and prices, but nobody can compete with A Foreign Affair when it comes to international introductions. On top of being able to meet and communicate with over 40,000 women chosen out of 600,000 applicants, you will have the ability to enjoy an international tour to meet these gorgeous foreign girls in person.

Signing Up
A Foreign Affair makes you feel very welcomed when you sign up for a free account. Instead of limiting what you can do on the site, they allow basic members to enjoy most of their online dating tools.

With a free membership, you have access to their profile database of over 40,000 foreign girls who are also interested in international dating. You will have access to all of their profile information, their photographs, and their member ID number so you can find them again later. On top of this, you can utilize your free membership to compose letters to the women. Although you will have to pay to send them, you can also save them online for free so you can work with them at a later time. You can also edit and post a profile, post photographs, and utilize their advanced search options, all with a free basic membership.

The impressive services and features at A Foreign Affair (, although challenged by services such as, are the most comprehensive in the industry. By combining strong features with an expanding profile database and customer-oriented service, A Foreign Affair has connected thousands upon thousands of happy, satisfied customers.

The first, most obvious advantage of going with AFA is their huge profile database of over 40,000 women from different locations such as Latin America, Asia, and Russia. Any man who is single and looking for love would never pass up a chance to meet hundreds of hot, intelligent women who are looking for someone just like him. In reality, this is what A Foreign Affair offers you. These foreign women are just as interested in finding love as you are, and they are looking for someone from America. You will be able to learn about the different ladies from the privacy of your own home, viewing their information as well as their professional photographs. When you have found someone you can really see yourself with, it's time to send her a letter.

AFA focuses much of its attention on making sure the men and women involved with their service fully understand what they are getting into. While the international introduction industry brings thousands of people together each year, it also provides people with a chance to misrepresent themselves for their own selfish gain. is packed full of helpful information and advice from people in the industry as well as people who have experienced the services first hand. You will be able to access stories of success as well as stories of other services and experiences that explicate the true risks of international dating. A Foreign Affair is on the forefront of exposing and stopping dating scams.

The romance tours offered at A Foreign Affair are unmatched in the business. They will provide you with everything you need for each step of the way including airfare from America on some of their tours. All of their trips include intra-tour transportation, classy hotel accommodations, daily breakfast, free translation services and unlimited introductions to the stunning local women. Last but definitely not least, A Foreign Affair includes two to three introduction socials per trip, depending on how long your trip will last.

An AFA social is an opportunity for you to literally meet a hundred strikingly beautiful and intelligent women in just a few hours. Hosted in the destination countries where the ladies live, an AFA social is a catered event where the local women associated with AFA are invited to meet the American men on their introduction tour. Every person at a social is personally invited. Before the social, each man will receive a catalog of all the women who will be present at that event in order to get a heads up on who they might want to talk to first. The socials include translation services so everyone will feel comfortable. For the men, an AFA social is like a dream-come-true. If you visit A Foreign Affair at, you can see for yourself. Each man seems surrounded in a sea of attractive women swooning over him. The socials are very casual, comfortable, and allow for the men and women to fully be themselves. The AFA socials are reason alone to join and enjoy an introduction tour.

A Foreign Affair offers a safe and secure email relay system. This way, you can communicate with any of the ladies on the site without giving away any personal information or finding any out about them. When you send someone a message, that message will be relayed through the site to a temporary address that the foreign woman can check daily AFA also provides chatting services so you can talk to your new love interest in real time. If you want to talk to your foreign friend over the phone, A Foreign Affair even offers phone translation services. This way, you can hear her voice and get a better idea of her personality even if you have not broken through the language barrier quite yet.

A Foreign Affair also offers a gift service through which you can send heartfelt and romantic gifts to women overseas. In order to show someone your feelings, or to simply reinforce your love, you can pay AFA to acquire and send any of their offered gifts to your special lady.

The pricing structure at A Foreign Affair allows for you to designate exactly how much money you will spend. While you can choose to only send a couple letters to a couple girls, you can also choose to send letters to many different women each day. Whatever process you wish to abide by, you will be able to find a pricing structure to match it.

A Platinum membership is the highest level of membership offered at A Foreign Affair. With a Platinum membership, you will have access to the best features at A Foreign Affair for the best prices possible. Starting at only $95 and a monthly fee of $29.99 after that, a Platinum membership will give you access to up to one-hundred women's virtual email addresses each month. This number is limited to avoid fraudulent behavior. You will have ample opportunity to correspond with the women of your choice in order to know them better over time. You will also receive a discount on phone translations as well as a free open reservation on one of AFA's romance and introduction tours. You will also receive an international dating guidebook with your membership.

AFA also offers a silver membership and a gold membership. With the gold membership, you will have access to similar features but only access to three to ten women's contact info for $9.99 per address. With a silver membership, you will be able to access one or two women's addresses for $12 per address.

There is a reason that A Foreign Affair has been features on such popular shows and publications as MTV, ABC, NBC, CBS, 60 Minutes, The Washington Post, The New York Times and The Discover Channel; the reason is that A Foreign Affair offers a unique and helpful service that is unmatched within its industry and has been making men and women around the world happy for over 14 years.

With uncompromising service, professional presentation, and a dedication to its customer's happiness, A Foreign Affair will cover all of your international dating needs. You can spend your time exploring other international dating services such as or, but you will not find the same excellent employee dedication and customer service. If you are tired of wasting your time at local bars and are ready to find the love of your life, explore overseas with the help of A Foreign Affair ( You won't regret it.