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Date Killers by Kenneth Agee

Talking about past relationships: This is a big turn off. No one wants to hear about your past relationships. If you are talking about this during the first date, this means you still are not over it.

Cell phone: Turn your cell phone off during a date. Most people find talking on a cell phone call during a date extremely rude. If you must take a call, make it short, 30 seconds max.

Appearance: Always dress to impress, you can never over-dress. If you are over-dressed for an event, people will just think you are going or coming from somewhere special. Remember the old cliché, first impressions are the most important.

Smoking: If the person you are with does not smoke, then keep your cigarettes in your pocket. A non-smoker will almost never date a smoker; a smoker on the other hand does not usually care either way. A non-smoker is usually very annoyed by smoke.

Getting drunk: Be careful how much you drink. If you are not in college most people find drunkenness as immature and irresponsible. They also might think you have an alcohol problem. Most people by their mid-twenties have had bad experiences with people that have drinking problems and do not want to get involved again with an alcoholic.

Past Problems: Never bring up bad things that happened to you when you were a child. Talking about getting molested when you were a child is a huge date killer. First dates should be fun. Everyone wants to be with someone fun and bringing up a depressing issue will kill the date. Everyone has problems; they do not need to hear about yours too.

Be fun: Do not make the first date like a job interview. Keep it light and easy. Making your date laugh is a great aphrodisiac. People always want to be with someone who is fun. If you are not funny, then a comedy club is a great place for a first date.

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